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How To Make Money Fast In Cities Skylines 2?

Here are some tips on how to earn around 10 to 20K or even Millions in Cities Skylines 2.

Cities Skylines 2 can turn into chaos if you have not planned things well. For example not placing the house well aligned in gird with attached road-ways and planned commercial districts. There is always an upkeep charge and cost to run a city, also upgrading it with time is necessary. In this guide, we have tried to pull all the necessary points that will help you to make money fast in Cities Skylines 2.

How does Money work in Cities Skylines 2?

City Skylines 2 Milestone

Money is earned via Taxes, Exports, etc in Cities Skylines 2. Some activities burn out slow cash while some can give you a steady source of income, that can later help you to upgrade cities faster. Each upgrade will lead to a Milestone, that will reward you a hefty amount of cash as a reward. For example, the first Milestone – Tiny Village will give you 600,000 cash. That is why progressing in the right direction is crucial in Cities Skylines 2.

  • Taxes
  • Exports
  • Milestone
  • Jobs
  • Level Up

With each Level, you will earn a good stash of money that can turn your negative cash flow into a positive one. Leveling up requires new types of facilities, for example, a Solar Power Plant or a Coal Power Plant. Do not plan for early development, instead focus on increasing settlement. Acquire land in advance and reserve it for residential facilities. Organize them via roads and when you get enough money set up residence complexes.

How to Make Millions Fast in Cities Skylines 2?

City Skylines 2 Upgrades

Focus on setting up a planned city. More jobs means more people migrating to your city. So keep an eye on the job prospects. Here is the list of things you must add to your city as soon as possible.

  1. Planned roadways around the city for easy movement.
  2. Crematorium – Deathcare.
  3. Hospital – Medical Facility.
  4. Reduce taxes to attract Well and Highly-educated people.
  5. Set up a Hydro-Electric Power Plan early.
  6. Export water or set up a Sewage plan to maintain cash flow.
  7. Export Electricity by setting up Power Plants.
  8. Adjust the Taxation ratio.

Leveling up will also unlock new types of buildings and earning models. One of the best ways to make a lot of money is via Taxes. The more citizens you have the higher amount of taxes you can collect. To keep citizens satisfied you will need to give them all the necessary services, like Electricity, Water, Roadways, Medical facilities, etc. Each time when a new Milestone is unlocked you will earn Development Points. Using these points you can unlock necessary upgrades for the city. For example, under Healthcare & Deathcare, you can unlock Crematorium, Hospital, Disease Control System, etc.

Keep a watch on the deficit, there are chances that you might have invested too much in setting up the best possible facilities, but the earning on the other side is lower. It will result in a deficit where your expenses will be higher. Government subsidies will not work for long, it is necessary to build a steady cash flow and increase the earning capacity with new upgrades.