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Microsoft Store 5×5 Code Not Working: How to Redeem Code to Buy Game for Xbox

Facing an issue with a retailer code while buying games for Xbox Console, then read this.

5×5 codes are standard redeemable codes available with various retailers. These codes can be used to redeem games on Microsoft Store or to buy in-game add-on items. If you had one of these codes and are unable to redeem the same then here are some quick fixes. All such codes are sold via third-party retailers which is nothing but the value amount of a game or an item. The code adds the said amount to the user’s account which can later be used to buy games instantly. If you are unable to redeem one of such 5×5 codes on Microsoft Store then refer to this guide for more details.

Microsoft Store 5×5 Code Not Working

Xbox Pre-paid Card Error

5×5 codes sold by the retailer are a pre-paid money that is added to the user’s account. You can then use this balance to buy games from the Microsoft store. But if one of these codes fails to work then here are the common reasons why it happens.

  1. Expired Codes.
  2. Code pre-paid balance lesser than actual game price.
  3. Code pre-paid balance does not include taxes.
  4. Invalid codes.

One of the common reasons why 5×5 codes fail to work on Microsoft Store is the tax amount. Retailers will sell you the code that can redeem the game at its actual price. Any additional taxes or cost attached to the sale price is not the part. This leads to an error where a user fails to redeem the code.

How to fix this?

Purchase additional Xbox gift cards to cover the tax amount to complete your purchase. You can buy a small Xbox gift card to cover the additional cost and complete your purchase. It can be clubbed with the purchase during checkout time. Or when you are buying a 5×5 code make sure you have some additional amount that can cover up the local taxes. Or else you won’t be able to use the same today or anytime in the future.

The second way of redeeming such a code is having a valid payment option added to your Microsoft account. If you are having a working CC enabled to your Microsoft Account the remaining amount will be charged to the second payment option. You can also pre-order the game using a pre-paid card on the Xbox store.