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Hogwarts Legacy 2: Fans Discuss Game Settings To Be Open World London

On Reddit, other Harry Potter fans have been discussing the possibility of Hogwarts Legacy 2 taking place in an open-world London.

Apparently, according to the information, it is more than likely that Hogwarts Legacy will get a sequel at some point. The title of Avalanche has not disappointed expectations. Therefore, many fans are discussing that the sequel or Hogwarts Legacy 2 should be set in an open-world London. Check out all the information below.

Hogwarts Legacy 2 Should Be Set in an Open World London, According to Fans

Hogwarts Legacy 2 Fans Discuss Game Settings To Be Open World London

The game set in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has conquered millions of fans, Hogwarts Legacy, with truly remarkable sales numbers in Europe. Now, after fans have already made an appointment to talk about the hypothetical Hogwarts Legacy 2, new ideas about the sequel are arriving now.

According to some suggestions by fans of the Harry Potter title, in fact, on Reddit, some enthusiasts have discussed the possibility that the new Hogwarts Legacy 2 game should take place in an open-world London. Considering how many iconic Harry Potter locations are right in the English city, it makes total sense.

“As good as world in the first game is, if they reuse the same world it won’t be anywhere near as impactful. London seems like a great place to host the sequel,” the Reddit user wrote. “Diagon Alley, The Ministry of Magic, St Mungos, and the Knight Bus could all be recreated. The world could be a bustling metropolis where you are not sure which NPCs are magical and which are muggles. London would be a risky and bold choice but I think it would have the biggest payoff vs reusing the same map (don’t get me wrong the Hogwarts Castle is great and I’m supportive of multiple DLCs being set there or even returned for specific quests in the sequel)”.

In short, the idea seems to tickle the community, waiting for the Nintendo Switch version of the first game, which will arrive shortly, as confirmed by JB Perrette, CEO of global streaming and games.

Indeed, the executive said the following in an earnings call regarding the release of the Hogwarts Legacy coming to the hybrid console: “We see that as probably a much bigger install base and a fan base that, as relates to the franchise of Harry Potter, which obviously appeals to a very big audience globally, and in markets like Japan where Nintendo has a big footprint and Harry Potter skews very strongly in terms of popularity, we see a much bigger upside probably from that release, certainly than the Gen 8 [release]”.