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Hitman 3: “Cool” Features Promised for DualSense Controller

As the developers at IO Interactive confirmed, Hitman 3 will make extensive use of the exclusive features of the DualSense controller. This is intended to ensure a particularly dense atmosphere on the PlayStation 5.

One of the first big titles of the video game year 2021 is the stealth action title Hitman 3, which is currently being developed by the developers at IO Interactive.

After the Danish studio had already presented us with a fresh trailer this week in which the features of Hitman 3 were discussed in detail, the first details on using the DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5 were given on the official PlayStation Blog. As it is called by IO Interactive, the DualSense controller on the PS5 should ensure a particularly dense atmosphere.

“All of the guns in the game will support adaptive triggers and you’ll feel an authentic sensation with each shot you fire. Automatic weapons also simulate recoil with every bullet and we’re implementing unique haptic feedback for each weapon that is tied to the distinct sound profile of each weapon,” says IO Interactive.

“One specific (and really cool!) example of our adaptive trigger support is how you activate the Focus effect that slows down the world around you with a sniper rifle. When you gently squeeze the R2 button, your finger will reach a tension point that will resist your pressure, and you’ll need to hold your finger against that tension point to activate the focus. When you’re ready to fire, push past that tension point and you’ll feel the “click” of the trigger as you fire the weapon. Boom. Headshot,” the official PlayStation blog mentions.

Hitman 3 will be released on January 20, 2020, for the PS5, among others.