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Hideo Kojima Teases His New Game With a Poster of Elle Fanning

Kojima Productions has released a new mysterious poster: fans believe it is Death Stranding 2 (and have discovered the new actress).

Kojima Productions seems to be close to finally revealing its new game. A teaser website, featuring an image showing the silhouette of an actress, was published today and promoted on Twitter. Check out the complete information below.

Hideo Kojima Teases His New Game With Elle Fanning’s Poster

hideo kojima teases his next game

The creator of Death Stranding is in fact participating in the Tokyo Game Show 2022 with his Kojima Productions, and recently the studio posted a mysterious poster on the company’s official website.

We do not know if it will actually be linked to the VR project that will be unveiled during the TGS 2022 show or if it is actually a real new game: after all – as often happens with its reveal – it is not entirely clear what can be expected.

In fact, the mysterious poster shows a darkened face of a woman, with the image that asks us a simple question: “Who am I?”.

Users have naturally wasted no time and are trying to answer this question, but many fans have said they are convinced that this is a possible anticipation of Death Stranding 2.

The most accredited and most fascinating theory is that the face may belong to Elle Fanning, an actress that Hideo Kojima has often admitted to admiring and it would be one of her works to provide a clue for the Death Stranding sequel.

In fact, Fanning made her movie debut in the film “I Am Sam”: a clue that would inevitably connect to Sam Porter, the protagonist of the last chapter of Death Stranding. According to the community, a further clue would also come directly from Instagram, where it was pointed out that Norman Reedus follows the actress, despite having never really worked together.

Of course, these are only theories and speculations that we invite you to take lightly and with a grain of salt, which only the future will tell us if they will prove to be accurate or not.

However, it should be remembered that, if a reveal of the new chapter ever comes, this would not happen at the Tokyo Game Show: the development team has in fact specified that no new games will be revealed at the video game event.

So we just have to wait patiently to find out what Hideo Kojima is really trying to tell us, perhaps at the next The Game Awards: we will keep you promptly updated should further news arrive on his next project, whether it is Death Stranding 2 or one of his new IPs.