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Hideo Kojima: New Collaboration With Sony Coming?

The excitement about the possibilities of collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Sony is so tangible that even a simple photo of the game designer during his lunch break has gone viral. To raise the eyebrows more are the many recent rumors about an agreement between Kojima Productions and the rival Xbox.

The last great masterpiece of the Japanese visionary designer was Death Stranding, in which Kojima “recycled” the collaboration with actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) that should have resulted in the Silent Hills project, canceled by Konami. The demo, P.T., is all that’s left of it.

Now, however, after many rumors about a collaboration agreement between Hideo Kojima and Microsoft, the assistants of the game designer have shared a photo of him eating a sandwich near the Sony headquarters on social networks.

In the background, as the subsequent posts note, you can in fact see a glimpse of the headquarters: “Sony”.

The news lends itself to multiple interpretations. In fact, we remember what emerged recently from the latest episode of Jeff Grubb’s Game Mess, the famous insider’s YouTube show. Grubb said that while Microsoft’s E3 2021 may “disappoint” expectations, rival Sony is also very difficult to predict when we consider what awaits us tonight.

Today, a State of Play entirely dedicated to Horizon: Forbidden West is scheduled. Sony’s strategy for the Los Angeles fair period has undoubtedly changed over the past few years, and this also includes Hideo Kojima’s cryptic clues.