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Helldivers 2 Matchmaking Issues: How To Fix

Unable to join the lobby due to matchmaking issues in Helldivers 2? Here's everything you need to know about.

With the rocky launch of Helldivers 2 on PC and PS5, it’s clear that Arrowhead’s latest game has its fair share of technical issues. While accessing the crossplay, players have been facing matchmaking issues restricting them from joining the game lobby. Due to this, players are unable to play with their friends or other players. Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out everything about the matchmaking issues in Helldivers 2.

We have compiled every update and solution to resolve these issues. So, here’s everything you need to know about.

How to Fix Matchmaking Issues in Helldivers 2

Fix Matchmaking Issues in Helldivers 2
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As confirmed by their post on X (Twitter), the team has acknowledged and is constantly working to resolve the matchmaking issues in the game. However, as stated by Mikael Eriksson (Game Director) on the Discord Server, “A full matchmaking solution is in the works but it will take a few more days to test and deploy.”

The community has been a helping hand in providing various solutions to fix these issues. But before we go through them, ensure that the game is updated to its latest version. So, try out the below fixes to resolve the matchmaking issues in Helldivers 2:

Disable Crossplay

We recommend disabling the crossplay feature as it resolved the matchmaking issues for several players in the community. Follow the below steps:

  • Head over to the Options tab and select Gameplay.
  • Navigate the Crossplay option and turn it off.
  • Then, save the settings to apply.
  • Also, make sure that your matchmaking privacy is set to Public.

Restart the game

Considering it resolved the issues for many players, exit and restart the game. While it’s a classic workaround to resolve most technical issues, it’s not guaranteed to fix the matchmaking issues in Helldivers 2.

Start a Mission and Throw SOS Beacon

As confirmed by a post of a Reddit user, u/Quiet-Leadership2909, loading a solo game and throwing an SOS beacon resolved the issue.

  • Once you load into the mission and throw the SOS Beacon, quit that game.
  • Head over to your ship and load up the same mission.
  • Due to the thrown beacon, you will find an entire squad of players.

However, join the match before you throw an SOS Beacon. Or else, there are chances of the lobby getting timed out.

Wait for the Patch

If none of the above solutions resolved the matchmaking issues, there’s no option other than waiting for a patch. You can join the official Helldivers Discord server to receive all the latest updates about the patch. We will update this guide as soon as we get word or new updates are released, so stay tuned.

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