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GTA Vice City Remaster Leaked for PS Now (Feb 2022)

GTA Vice City has been leaked for PS Now available in February 2022, as it looks like ads for the remastered release have leaked for some users.

It looks like the so-called remaster version of GTA Vice City may soon be added to the PS Now service catalog. The information came from some PlayStation players who confessed to having seen advertisements that listed the game on the console’s subscription service.

GTA Vice City Remaster Coming To PS Now in February 2022

GTA Vice City Remaster Leaked for PS Now

According to a leak, the GTA Vice City Remastered edition is coming to PS Now service in February 2022. The information was confirmed by two of the PlayStation players, through publications on their respective Twitters, in which they reveal the said advertising. It reads that the game will be added to the service and will be available until May 2, 2022.

So far, the GTA: San Andreas remaster was made available on Xbox Game Pass in November, and the GTA III remaster was made available on PlayStation Now in December.

In any case, the GTA Trilogy compilation includes remasters of the three classic games: GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas, all of them reworked through the Unreal Engine by the hands of Grove Street Games, the studio responsible for the mobile adaptation of these three games.

After the remaster compilation was released with a lot of technical issues, modders have already started working to fix them and improve what wasn’t presented in the best of conditions.

Rockstar has also released an update for GTA Trilogy, which fixes a number of bugs across all three games on all platforms with the exception of Nintendo Switch. The patch fixes some of the trilogy’s most notable bugs, including the rain effect.

However, the game remains one of the most popular of the series, and PS Now subscribers will surely be delighted to be able to relive the story of Tommy as he climbs to the heights of the Vice City. Will you play this remaster title again?