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GTA Trilogy Remaster/Remake Is Indeed Coming, Reliable Leaker Claims

It seems that GTA Trilogy Remaster/Remake is indeed coming soon, according to a well-known and credible leaker. Get ready to relive the adventures of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas in a remastered version.

GTA Trilogy Remaster or Remake Coming Soon

In the past few hours, more information about the GTA Trilogy Remaster or a Remake has recently surfaced on the web. And it seems that the remastered version of the first three installments of Grand Theft Auto is allegedly being remade.

As previously leaked in the conference slides, Take-Two Interactive has confirmed that it is preparing three “new iterations of previously released titles” (remakes, remasters, or ports) of older productions, and the news was also supported by the VGC Editor.

Today, another credible leaker was also referring to the matter. The leaker Yan2295 on Twitter was asked if he thinks whether the GTA Trilogy Remaster/Remake was actually being made. The answer given by him was quite short and leaves not too many questions: “Yes”

Yan2295 is a kind of celebrity in the world of GTA and for a very long time, he revealed information about news related to Rockstar Games titles and was famous for its credibility. Some time ago, he was also asked by Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games, to stop leaking the content related to GTA Online.

In any case, be aware that the insider was asked only for his opinion, so it might be possible that he does not know anything about the remastered version of GTA being created. However, the very fact that another good source is supporting rumors about GTA Trilogy is very promising.