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GTA Games In Order – All Rockstar GTA Series Games with Release Dates

Looking for deatils on the entire GTA series so here is the list of every GTA game, its launch date and game intro.

There are in total 7 GTA games released from year 1997 to 2013. After GTA San Andreas the year gap of new launches kept on rising. Rising from 4 to 12 years, the GTA series is one of the most widely played and highly anticipated games in the market. Here is a list of every GTA game in order. From the very first edition to the newest GTA VI that is going to be released in 2025.

GTA Games In Order

Here is a list of all twelve GTA games along with their release dates, the platform where it was launched, and the game intro.

  1. 1997 – Grand Theft Auto
  2. 1999 – GTA London 1969, GTA London 1961 & GTA 2
  3. 2001 – GTA 3
  4. 2002 – GTA Vice City
  5. 2004 – GTA San Andreas & GTA Auto Advance
  6. 2005 – GTA Liberty City Stories
  7. 2006 – GTA Vice City Stories
  8. 2008 – GTA IV
  9. 2009 – GTA Chinatown Wars & GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony
  10. 2013 – GTA 5
  11. 2021 – GTA Trilogy – The Definitive Edition
  12. 2025 – GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto – 1997

GTA 1997

Release on PS1 & MS-Dos Windows platform, Grand Theft Auto was the first game in the GTA series. It was developed by DMA Design, later called Rockstar North Limited. The game featured a 2-D environment where driving a different vehicle and completing small tasks. The game was also released on Game Boy Color, and if you want to try this first GTA game then you can get it from Steam.

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 & London 1961 – 1999

GTA 1961 London

GTA London 1969 is an expansion pack for the first GTA game that was out in 1997. The pack consists of a chain of tasks that players have to complete to unlock the next one. Most of the elements were based on the main game. GTA London 1961 is a similar expansion that extends the base game. So GTA 1997 has two expansion packs that is London 1969 & London 1961 that bring in more new levels, vehicles, weapons, soundtracks, etc.

Grand Theft Auto 2 – 1999

GTA 2 1999

GTA 2 was released on PC, PS1, Dreamcast, and Gameboy Color. Still, in the 2D world, this GTA borrowed a lot from the previous series. It follows the similar gameplay mechanics of completing the chain of tasks to unlock the new ones. The game is divided into different levels and players will have to reach a certain score to unlock the next one. Points are rewarded based on criminal activity like completing crime objectives, destroying cards, etc. Also when your wanted level increases the FBI will interfere.

Grand Theft Auto 3 – 2001

GTA 2 2001

With GTA 3, Rockstar entered the world of 2D gaming. Set in the open world environment the game was set in Liberty City. The player will play as Claude a protagonist who is on a revenge mission. The game brings in a third-person player perspective on the desk. It has many missions, and an open world to explore, lots of vehicles, weapons, etc. If players are not in the mood to complete the mission then can freely roam in the open world. The game is available on PC, PS2, Xbox, Mac, Android, iOS, and Fire OS.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – 2002

GTA Vice City 2002

Just after a year, Rockstar brought GTA Vice City. Set in the 1980’s this action-adventure game puts players in the shoes of Tommy Vercitti. With more to explore Vice City is a huge and interesting series of GTA franchises. The game map is divided into two islands where players will have to meet different NPC’s for their daily objectives. A team of 50 worked for 18 months in the development of GTA Vice City. The game is available on PC, PS2, Xbox, Mac, Android, iOS, and Fire OS.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – 2004

GTA San Andreas 2004

After 2 years of Vice City, Rockstar made a comeback with GTA San Andreas. The game was first released on PS2 and after one year it was released on Windows PC and Xbox. GTA San Andreas features many real-world places, cities, landmarks, etc. The game focuses on street gang rivalry focused on the 1980s and early 1990s timeline. Rockstar introduces some of the most iconic game mechanics that later was adopted and used by many popular titles. Like Role Playing Mechanics, character & vehicle customization, mini-games, etc. GTA San Andreas was the best-selling game of 2004.

Grand Theft Auto Advance – 2004

GTA Advance 2004

GTA Advance was a Game Boy Advance exclusive game that took place in Liberty City. The game is based on GTA 3, or more like its prequel. The story of GTA  Advance takes place a year before GTA 3, where you will play as Mike who is on a revenge mission. GTA Advance is set in a top-down perspective and does not have any cutscenes.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories – 2005

GTA Liberty City 1998

GTA Liberty Stories is the first 3D game by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North. Based on an open-world environment, GTA Liberty City brings more customization features. The game brings a wide range of vehicles ranging from on-road to planes and helicopters. It allows players to explore the entire Liberty on foot, on wheels, and wings. Set in 1998, Liberty City is built on real-life New York City.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – 2006

GTA Vice City Stories 2006

Vice City Stories is set in fictional Vice City where players play as VIc’s who are on a mission to build a criminal empire. The game features an immersive empire-building system where the player can expand their criminal syndicate by completing various activities. Activities are unlocked by completing the main mission and players will have to finish tasks to take over rival organizations. GTA Vice City Stories also features a multiplayer mode where around 6 players can play together and engage in a different mode.

Grand Theft Auto: IV – 2008

GTA 4 Complete Edition

Rockstar released GTA IV Complete Edition in 2008, which replaces GTA 4 and GTA Theif Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. There were several changes in this edition and players who own GTA 4 can this version for free. The complete edition came with new features like Games for Windows Live, Multiplayer Mode, and Leaderboards.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned – 2009

GTA The Lost and Damned

GTA 4 Lost and Damned is a two episodes expansion pack for GTA 4 2008 release. This expansion pack adds around 10-15 hours of extended gameplay. The new thing in this was checkpoints that allowed players to replay failed missions. They offer players to retry missions at any point in the game.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – 2009

GTA Chinatown Wars

GTA Chinatown Wars is for portable gaming platforms like PS Portable, Nintendo DS, FireOS, iOS, and Android smartphones. The action-adventure game is set in an open world with a top-down perspective. The game plot focuses on Huang Lee, the protagonist who is on a mission to find his father’s killer.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony – 2009

GTA 4 Ballad of Gay Tony

GTA Ballad of Gay Tony is a two-episode expansion pack for the GTA 4 2008 game. It is set in sync with events of GTA 4 and the Lost & Damned. The game focuses on Luis Fernando Lopez who is a former drug dealer. He is working as a bodyguard of Anthony “Gay” Tony a prince and a super-rich personality. The game missions revolve around Luis’s effort to help Tony out of his problems.

Grand Theft Auto V – 2013

GTA 5 2013

After many years finally, Rockstar came out with GTA 5 and its online version. Set in the fictional state of San Andreas GTA 5 is a single-player game with three protagonists. The first one is Michael, who is a retired bank robber, and the second one is Franklin who is a street gangster. And the third one is Trevor who is a gunrunner. GTA 5 mission revolves around different heists and tasks related to robbery and other crimes. The game also has GTA Online, an extended version loaded with various events, heists, etc. It gives players endless hours of multiplayer gameplay where up to 30 players can play together.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition – 2021

GTA Trilogy 2021

GTA Trilogy is a combination of three games, GTA 3 2001, GTA Vice City 2002 and GTA San Andreas 2004. The pack contains remastered version of all three games with upgraded graphics. GTA Definitive Edition is kind of a re-designed version of three different games with visual enchancements.

Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA 6 2025

GTA 6 is the newly announced game that will be coming in 2025. Rockstar recently released a trailer that turned to be the most watch trailer with hours of release. GTA 6 is vast and looks like focused on lot of real-world events. There are no info on the game mechanics released yet. But here are some details on GTA 6 PC Version.

GTA series has also gone through certain controversy due to its violent and adult content. But still, it is one the most played and loved games around the globe. With modding, and Cloud-Events, GTA has created a deep root in the gaming industry. It is next to impossible to stay that any gamer has never played any GTA games.