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GTA 6 Leaker Could Be A 16-Year-Old (Rumor)

The GTA 6 leaker is rumored to be a 16-year-old and leader of the hacker group Lapsus$.

It has been really terrible hours for Rockstar Games, given an absolutely sensational GTA 6 leak that seems to have now been confirmed as real, as stated by the American company itself. In fact, over 90 videos and game images from an internal build of the game have leaked online, which would show the heir of Grand Theft Auto V in action. Some gameplay videos would date back to 2021, leaked directly from the Slack server used by the developers to share the status of the work with other staff members.

Now, after the hacker admitted that he was in possession of the source code for GTA V and GTA 6 and was ready to sell it to the same developers for a ransom, the cybercriminal’s partial identity might have emerged. Check out the complete details below.

GTA 6 Leaker Rumored To Be A 16-Year-Old

gta 6 leaker could be a 16 year old hacker

The well-known admin of Breached (a hacking forum), pompompurin, has stated that the culprit of the very serious GTA 6 leak against Rockstar is a sixteen-year-old who in the past has already been arrested for similar crimes. The underage hacker was accused of being the leader of the team of cybercriminals known as Lapsus$ after being doxed by some of his former colleagues.

According to pompompurin, the hacker – who goes by the name of White – sent proof in a Telegram chat that he was behind the GTA 6 leaks. Everything would then be removed as soon as the leak went viral.

“White” also allegedly hacked Microsoft through its Lapsus$ team, an issue that the House of Redmond addressed in a blog post earlier this year. The hacker also allegedly hacked Uber earlier this week, confirming the comments of “teapottuberhacker” on GTAForums.

He claims not only to have leaked GTA 6 by logging into Rockstar Games’ Slack server, but to have also managed to breach Uber’s security. It is therefore assumed that “teapottuberhacker” is, therefore “White” himself.

The leaker, whether it be “White” or someone else, also said he is looking to negotiate a deal, asking Rockstar and Take-Two to wrap up the Telegram deals. According to the hacker, the source code of GTA V is also for sale and that could prove incredibly damaging, however the well-known Tom Henderson, in this recent hours, has stated that the hacker’s claims are basically bogus.