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GTA 6 Leak: Game Mechanics, Trailer, Release Date & More

Here is some exciting news about GTA 6 like the game mechanics, gameplay, weapons, etc.

A lot of GTA 6 rumors and speculations are coming out faster than expected. There is a lot of discussion going around regarding the upcoming trailer, gameplay mechanics, weapons leaks, use of AI, characters, etc. The majority of these leaks are based on rumors, but still, a lot can be true. All we have to do is wait for an official announcement, till then enjoy these amazing GTA 6 leaks. Most of these are based on ongoing rumors.

GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay Mechanics

GTA is and will be always an open-world game with a ton of activities to do. Based on a recent rumor GTA 6 will be going next level in terms of combat. The stealth mechanics will be improved with a huge arsenal of weapons to try out.

Payday 3 type stealth mechanics:

GTA 6 Heist Missions
Source: Rockstargames.com

GTA 6 will have having more realistic and accurate stealth-based heist. Characters will be able to loot and store bags, they can move around rooms in stealth, and can also revive a fallen friend. Jason and Lucia will be the lead characters in the game, and many of their objectives will be linked to the heist.

Assassins’ Creed Eagle Vision:

GTA 6 Eagle Eye
Source: Rockstargames.com

Till yet we had not really seen this in the GTA franchise. But who knows Rockstar is planning to add an Enkidu in the game. Enkidu is Basim’s Eagle in AC Mirage. It can be added in the form of a Drone or some sort of tech gadget that can help players mark down enemies before approaching them. It will support stealth-based gameplay allowing players to kill enemies without getting noticed. Assassin’s Creed Eagle eye is huge, the feature will be something similar to one we had seen in RDR.

Overeating can make you fat:

GTA 6 Fat Mod
Source: gta5-mods.com

One of the leaks about GTA 6 is quite interesting is widely rumored is the consumption of food to restore health. But if you eat too much can increase your weight affecting the overall body structure, stamina, and agility. This means there can be some kind of recipe crafting system, where a certain amount of food can give you a good boost, while some will just put extra weight.

GTA 6 Release Date

Based on various “fan theories” GTA 6 is scheduled to be coming in 2025, this year is counted as the best one based on Rockstar’s game release timeline. There is always a huge gap between Rockstars titles, so it is quite clear that the developer is not going to make any early decisions. A new trailer or teaser regarding GTA 6 can come out anytime between April 24 to March 25.

Source: GTA Online

GTA 6 will have some old references, it is not clear that there will be completely new faces. Chances are that the previous protagonist will make their way to the new title with some additional faces. Lucia and Jason are considered to be the two leading protagonists in the game. There are rumors about a female protagonist in the game. Who knows this time Rockstar will add a choice for players to pick between male or female lead characters. Like the one we had seen in Starfield, which has a detailed and lengthy character customization process.

GTA 6 Car Leak
Source: GTA Online

The GTA franchise is famous for giving players the pleasure of exploring the open world and doing what they want. Whether it an legal or illegal, players can do various things. But this triggers the policing system, where if the player falls under the wanted level, he will be tracked down and hunted. GTA 6 is rumored to have a new style of policing system. It will be more detailed where your appearance, your vehicle, its number plate, etc will be tracked.

Last but not least GTA 6 is going to have AI-powered NPC which will make their interaction funny and natural. There is more to come out in this part. So this is everything about GTA 6 leaks, do visit us back as we will be doing a lot of research and updating this article until the game is launched.