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GTA 6 Hacker Claims Game Budget Already Exceeds $2 Billion – Report

According to the hacker responsible for the leak, the development of GTA 6 would have already cost $2 billion dollars.

New information continues to arrive from the sensational leak that hit Rockstar Games and its GTA 6: this time the planned budget for the production would have already been revealed, which would be simply impressive and above $2 billion. Check out the complete information below.

GTA 6 Budget Already Exceeds $2 Billion, According to Hacker

gta 6 hacker claims game budget already exceeds $2 billion

As you all know, GTA 6 was in fact the victim of a serious hacker attack recently, following which numerous gameplay videos and images were leaked online, still of course not ready to be shown to the general public.

The hacker who leaked GTA 6 would have already been arrested, but this would not have stopped the arrival of new information, as this time it came from a ransomware group contacted by the same author of the leak.

In fact, according to the Twitter account “vx-underground”, which specialized in reporting malware and ransomware groups, it seems that one of these groups was contacted by the hacker with the aim of reselling them the source code, but then suddenly backed off infuriating them.

For this reason, the ransomware group has decided to publicly leak the private messages sent, in which the hacker claims to have discovered that GTA 6 has been in development since 2014 and that it would have cost 2 billion dollars so far.

The hacker claimed to have also obtained access to Take2Games, the publisher’s official website already recently hit by a new serious attack, in addition to other large platforms such as Bank of Brasil and Kone.

Of course, it is not clear if the $2 billion cited by the hacker is the money already spent on development or if it is instead an associated budget for the entire production and which, consequently, would not have yet been fully spent. But the fact remains that if the rumors were confirmed they would be record figures for the video game industry.

However, given the nature of these private messages, in the absence of further official confirmation, we can only invite you to take everything reported here with a grain of salt.

What seems certain is that this is an extremely ambitious game for Rockstar Games and Take-Two itself: even before the leaks emerged, the team had guaranteed that GTA 6 must become the new “benchmark” of the industry. And the alleged budget would seem to confirm this intention.