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GTA 6 Will Be Reportedly Announced Before May 17

The seemingly endless wait for GTA 6 is starting to tire everyone a bit, but fans are convinced that the full reveal of the title is imminent.

GTA 6 by Rockstar Games and Take-Two is one of the most anticipated titles ever, although not even the shadow of the official reveal has taken place yet. The very little information available on the sequel to GTA V now comes from a leak that took place months ago and related to an incomplete build of the game, suggesting that GTA 6 will be possibly announced before May 17, 2023. Check out the complete information below.

GTA 6 Will To Be Announced Before May 17

GTA 6 To Be Announced May 17

while some GTA 6 fans are divided as to whether Xbox has somehow “braked” or slowed down the game’s development, others are convinced of something else. In fact, according to reports, many are almost certain that the full reveal of the game is imminent.

At the time of this writing, it’s been over 400 days since Rockstar Games confirmed that “active development” on what will presumably be called GTA 6 is underway, meaning it’s also been around 400 days since the developers provided no information about it.

Nonetheless, the main question that fans ask themselves every day is, of course, only one: when will we see GTA 6 in action? To answer that question, we will have to wait for a proper official trailer, and as per reports now, fans currently think, or rather hope that they will be able to check out the game before May 17th.

“I think there is actually a good chance that GTA 6 will be announced before May 17th,” wrote Twitter user @mnm345x. “The timing will be very good. Please don’t raise your expectations, I just think it’s possible.”

The clue comes from the fact that Take-Two Interactive will hold its fourth-quarter earnings conference call on May 17 2023, which is why some think it might want to make the game announcement earlier than that date (they will have something to talk about in the meeting, we suppose).

True, it is a fairly solid theory, but it is by no means a confirmation, which is why for the moment we must take this news with a grain of salt, as usual.