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Fastest Cars In GTA 5 Online And Story Mode (2023)

Wondering what's the fastest car in GTA 5 Online and Story mode? Here's the list of the fastest cars ranked according to their top speed.

GTA 5 Online and story mode feature a plethora of cars but you might only be interested in driving the fastest vehicles. With an ever-expanding collection of super-cars, there’s plenty of transport options to drive as fast as possible. But for that, you will need the speediest cars with the top speed.

Don’t worry, check out our guide to find out the fastest car in GTA Online and Story mode. Since there is no money cheat in the GTA V, we have also included their prices with a top speed. So, here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Fastest Car in GTA 5 Online?

Fastest Car in GTA 5 Online
Image Source – ItzFrolickz on YouTube.

The BF Weevil Custom is the fastest car in GTA Online mode as of now. It has a top speed of 137.5 mph (221.3 km/h) and can be obtained at the price of $980,000. You can get this amazing car by upgrading the standard Weevil car at Benny’s Original Motor Works shop priced at $ 870,000. The next in line for the fastest vehicle is the Ocelot Pariah clocked at 136 mph (218.87 km/h).

So, here’s the list of the fastest cars in GTA 5 Online with their top speed and price:

Cars Top Speed Cost
BF Weevil Custom 137.50 mph (221.28 km/h) $980,000
Ocelot Pariah 136.00 mph (218.87 km/h) $1,420,000
Grotti Itali RSX 135.30 mph (217.74 km/h) $3,465,000
Pfister 811 132.50 mph (213.24 km/h) $1,135,000
Grotti Itali GTO Stinger TT 132.00 mph (212.43 km/h) $2,380,000
Principe Deveste Eight 131.75 mph (212.03 km/h) $1,795,000
Lampadati Corsita 131.30 mph (211.31 km/h) $1,795,000
Overflod Entity MT 131.25 mph (211.23 km/h) $2,355,000
Pegassi Torero XO 131.00 mph (210.82 km/h) $2,890,000
Bravado Banshee 900R 131.00 mph (210.82 km/h) $565,000

What is the Fastest Car in Story Mode?

The Vapid Dominator is the fastest car in GTA V Story mode with a top speed of 126.25 mph (203.58 km/h). It is exclusively available in the Enhanced version by heading to the Arena workshop.

But you can also find this car in several locations.

So, here are the following possible locations:

  • Can be found during the Wrap-up mission at the Kortz Center parking lot.
  • Spawns during A Starlet in Vinewood mission in the driveway opposite the house of Peter Dreyfuss.
  • If you replay The Wrap mission, this car will appear more frequently in random locations. They are:
    • Los Santos International Airport
    • Rockford hills

Aside from the Vapid Dominator, here are the fastest cars in the GTA 5 Story mode and their top speed:

Cars Top Speed
Truffade Z-Type 126.25 mph (203.18 km/h)
Truffade Adder 124.75 mph (200.77 km/h)
Progen T20 122.25 mph (196.74 km/h)
Pegassi Monroe 122.00 mph (196.34 km/h)
Pegassi Osiris 122.00 mph (196.34 km/h)
Pegassi Zentorno 122.00 mph (196.34 km/h)
Dewbauchee Massacro (Racecar) 121.75 mph (195.94 km/h)
Dewbauchee Massacro 121.75 mph (195.94 km/h)
Grotti Turismo R 121.75 mph (195.94 km/h)

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