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Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Beta Test Leaked by PlayStation Experience’s Website

Apparently, the developers of Polyphony Digital are also planning a beta for Gran Turismo 7. The users came across the corresponding notice in the PlayStation Experience app, which is actually quite rarely used.

Gran Turismo 7 beta test leaked

In the course of last week, Sony Interactive Entertainment and the developers of Polyphony Digital admitted that the ambitious racing game Gran Turismo 7 will no longer appear in 2021 as planned. Instead, the project needs a little more time and is now scheduled for a release in 2022.

According to current reports, the makers of Polyphony Digital could sweeten the waiting time for the full version with a beta, in which participants are offered the opportunity to test Gran Turismo 7. The beta was discovered as part of an action by the PlayStation Experience app on the official PlayStation website.

The Gran Turismo Beta (Test) entry is a bit difficult to find and is part of the four-part in some countries. It is already possible to secure a beta code, but so far only the placeholder “1234-5678-9012” has been sent, as several users reported simultaneous.

It goes without saying that the supposed beta cannot be activated with this placeholder code. It is assumed that we are only dealing with an internal test run that was accidentally made public.

An official statement or announcement on the part of Polyphony Digital or Sony Interactive Entertainment on this subject is still pending.