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God Of War Ragnarok: How To Beat King Hrolf Kraki

Unable to defeat the last Berserker King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok? Check out our boss guide to find out everything about it.

God of War Ragnarok sets Kratos and his companions against many formidable enemies during their journey across Nine realms. While many bosses and minions get in the way, the Berserker King Hrolf Kraki might be the toughest one. You must kill and beat King Hrolf Kraki in God of War Ragnarok if you want to complete the Fit for a King favor or side-quest. But after eliminating Hrolf’s 12 Berserker minions, you will face this boss in the final fight of the quest.

Don’t worry, here are some tips and strategies to defeat King Hrolf Kraki in GOW Ragnarok. Since there are no phases for this boss fight, you can’t start from any checkpoints if you die. So, here’s everything you need to know about beating Hrolf.

How to Beat King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok Beat King Hrolf Kraki
Image Source – xHolmesWalkthroughsx7 on YouTube.

You can defeat King Hrolf in GOW Ragnarok by examining his attacks and dodging most of his attacks. While it won’t be an easy feat, it may require practice to take him down. You need to be patient and predict his next moves when delivering attacks. Once you drain half of his health, he will start using Elemental Shields against Kratos. You must deplete his shield before you can damage his health.

Most importantly, try to analyze all the incoming attack patterns to counter-attack him. It’s also worth noting that he takes all his attacks from the previous 12 Berserkers including the Bifrost attacks.

So, here are all the movesets of King Hrolf Kraki and how to counter-attack them in GOW Ragnarok:

  • Opening Slash: As soon as the fight begins, Hrolf will attack you from the front. If this attack is one of his red-colored attacks, you must get out of the way.
  • Hopping Sword Slash: This is a basic yellow-colored attack in which the boss hops above in the air taking the high ground. Being above you, he then leans forward to deal damage to you. To counter-attack, you can parry or dodge this attack easily.
  • “Bend Your Knee” Smack: Using this attack, King Hrolf charges his Warhammer thrice. As the attack is followed by an animation, you can parry and attack him easily.
  • Elemental Projectiles: When the Hrolf shoots elemental projectiles, you can use a Shield to block or parry them. You can use the Guardian shield to block and return the oncoming attack to him.
  • Elemental Burst: As you see a shining yellow light, the Berserker King will pause and collect the power for Elemental burst. This Elemental attack can be electric, bifrost, poison, or any random status effects. To counter-attack, wait for the right moment to parry. While this may take some tries to master, parrying can deal Hrolf major damage.
  • Lunging Punch: For this attack, Hrolf starts lunging around the arena to deliver a massive punch to Kratos. If you parry this attack, it will instantly stun him for a moment. However, you can also dodge this attack by getting out of the way.
  • Green Slimy AoE: This red-circle attack can deal Kratos major damage if not overseen. When Kraki lifts his weapon and smashes it on the ground, it spreads out an AoE attack. Whenever you see the green color spreading out in the boss arena, run and evade it.
  • Double the Mace: Being a red-circled attack again, Hrolf uses two Mace to slam Kratos with it. While you cannot parry or block it, dodging right or left is the best option.
  • Fire or Ice Storm AoE: Similar to the Green slimy AoE, Hrolf jumps above in the air to deliver a burning or freezing AoE attack. Since you cannot parry or block a red-ringed attack, dodge it to save yourself from the damage.
  • Bifrost AoE: As the King floats in the air, he will summon small pieces of Bifrost into the affected area to damage Kratos. Although you can’t dodge or parry this attack, throw your Leviathan Axe at him to bring him down.

Bereserker King Hrolf Kraki Rewards

how to beat king hrolf god of war ragnarok
Image Source – xHolmesWalkthroughsx7 on YouTube.

Here are the following rewards you get for defeating King Hrolf Kraki in GoW Ragnarok:

  • Kratos receives:
    • 15000 XP
    • Helhelim Enchantment
    • Hilt of Skofnung
  • Companion receives:
    • 7500 XP

That’s everything covered about how to beat King Hrolf in God of War Ragnarok. If you liked this guide, explore more Gaming-related Guides in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.