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Godfall Update 2.2.4 Available for Download Now With Ray Tracing & More

The update 2.2.4 for the PS5 launch title Godfall is now available for download. As can be seen from the official changelog, the update is accompanied by ray tracing optimizations in selected areas.

One of the PlayStation 5 launch titles was the loot slasher Godfall developed by Counterplay Games. Even if the title could only partially meet the expectations of the players and critics, Godfall will continue to be supported after the release.

Godfall Update 2.2.4 is now available for download

As Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing announced, a new update is now available that raises Godfall to version 2.2.4. This brings various improvements and minor bug fixes with it.

As can be seen from the official changelog, the update to version 2.2.4 has optimized the ray tracing performance in the Air Realm. In addition, the creators took on the HDR output settings to reduce overexposure and bloom. The rendering crash that could appear when browsing the personal menu is a thing of the past.

The bug that could result in the objects not being updated as intended has also been fixed. In order to prevent enemies from appearing in inaccessible locations on the map, the enemy spawn locations have also been revised. There are also other bug fixes, but no further details were given.

Godfall is available for the PlayStation 5 and the PC.