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Godfall Primal Update Available for Download Now, Adds New Endgame Content & More

The action title Godfall has received a new Primal update, with which Counterplay Games has brought some new content and further improvements into the game. The Primal update offers endgame content, among other things.

Godfall Primal Update Download

Gearbox Publishing and the responsible developers at Counterplay Games have released a new Primal update for the action title Godfall. The update called Primal brings new endgame content and the new loot category “Primal Items” into play.

Furthermore, you can use the Ascension levels to become even stronger once you have reached the upper-level limit. This gives you new Ascension powers and bonuses. The Primal Items offer a massive buff and a new loot modification that can be seen in the new player statistics screen.

The test towers have also been redesigned, with new assignments, better rewards, and bigger challenges. In return, the new Ascension Level and Primal modifications will be able to be put to the test. The Dreamstones have also received some changes so that you can specifically search for loot.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site if you are interested. Godfall has been available for PlayStation 5 and PC since mid-November.

The various changes are presented again in detail with a new trailer that you can watch below.