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Godfall: Fire & Darkness DLC Leaked by PEGI

Godfall: Fire & Darkness is the upcoming DLC ​​for PC, PS4, and PS5, according to the PEGI rating.

Godfall: Fire & Darkness DLC Leaked

Godfall: Fire & Darkness will be the name of the DLC of the action RPG game developed by Counterplay Games, currently available for PC and PS5. The official website of PEGI has entered in its database the DLC – rated PEGI 16 – indicating the platforms on which the expansion will release, including PC, PS5, and PS4.

A month ago, PEGI itself rated Godfall for PS4, thereby confirming the release of the older generation console game. Godfall: Fire & Darkness expansion will not be released today, of course, considering that the publisher Gearbox has not yet declared a precise launch date.

We, therefore, expect an official announcement of the PS4 version of Godfall to arrive soon, which at this point is possible to be published in a complete edition of the DLC. It will be interesting to find out if the developers will properly optimize the game for eight-year-old hardware, given the important hardware requirements on PC.

Gearbox may still have plans to release the DLC soon. A tweet published a few hours ago on the official profile of the game announced the arrival of an “upcoming expansion” accompanied by new achievements of the game.

The game’s release for PS4 may not be the only one in the pipeline, as Sony’s deal with Gearbox for title exclusivity expired on May 12, 2021. There is also Rumor Godfall is coming to Xbox consoles and there may be plans to bring it to Xbox Game Pass as well.