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Godfall Coming To Xbox Series X/S in May or June – Rumor

A recent rumor has anticipated a possible landing of Godfall on Xbox Series X/S between the months of May and June and even there would also be plans to bring it to the Xbox Games Pass later.

The aforementioned rumor of Godfall coming to Xbox Series X/S then resumed on Twitter with a fairly precise schedule on the transition path that Godfall should make, also shows the intention to bring the game in Collector Edition format and during the year there is also mention of the possible landing of the game on Google Stadia.

You can check the tweet at the bottom of the article which, however, we remind you to take with a huge grain of salt as it is still an unconfirmed rumor.

As we have already said, we advise you to wait for official news from the publishers themselves. Only time will tell if these are concrete news or not, beyond the fact that it has been known for some time that Godfall would have had a temporary exclusivity on Playstation 5 and then on PC.

On the other hand, it is also true that Godfall did not have a very simple debut on the PlayStation 5, as the title was released at the same time as the launch of the Sony home console. In fact, the game, although has interesting ideas and convincing playful components in the field of action video games, and shines above all on the technical side which is the most successful part of the title, it also has some serious content gaps and compromises on the gameplay side, which does not allow PlayStation’s first IP to become the brand’s flagship product.