God of War Ragnarok Release Window Possibly Leaked

A new God of War Ragnarok leak suggests that the title is scheduled for a September 2022 release date this year.

According to a new leak now, it seems that the release window for one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusive titles, God of War Ragnarok, which is the sequel to the game released in 2018, has been leaked on the internet. As it was already known, the developer Santa Monica Studios has been claiming that the game will be available in 2022 and now it seems that the leak agrees with that. Check out all the leaked details about the latest adventures of Kratos below.

God of War Ragnarok Release Window Leaked


god of war ragnarok release window leaks

According to the Twitter user The_Marmolade, a large amount of merchandise has been published by a British store called Geeky Zone based on the game God of War Ragnarok, as can be seen in the image below. However, for the time being, these items are not yet available for purchase but are all listed for the September 2022 release.

Taking that into consideration, it is safe to say that this could be the game’s release window, after all, the merchandise listed would come out with the game itself if one is to believe.

For the moment, Santa Monica Studio and Sony have yet to confirm any release dates till now. However, this launch window of the game makes sense, especially considering that God of War Ragnarok was recently rated in Korea last week.

For the uninitiated, God of War Ragnarok is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 version of God of War developed by Santa Monica Studio. In this new title, Atreus and Kratos will be seen traveling to the Nine Realms to find answers and prepare for the prophesied battle that will bring about the end of the world.

Together, the father-son duo will journey across the Nine Realms in search of answers, as the Asgardian forces prepare for war. On this journey, they will explore stunning mythical landscapes, gather allies from all realms, and face fearsome enemies, between Norse gods and monsters.

As the threat of Ragnarök appears ever closer, Kratos and Atreus will have to choose between the safety of their family and the safety of the realms. Recall that God of War Ragnarok is slated to release this year 2022.