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God of War Ragnarok Is Not the Sequel’s Official Title, PlayStation Says

So far, there has been a lot of confusion about the logo and name of the new PS5 game, God of War Ragnarok. Now Sony brings clarity to the action.

God of War for PS5 doesn’t have an official name yet

Sony finally brings light into the darkness. The upcoming PS5 hit God of War Ragnarok is actually not the official name of the title. In a statement to IGN, the company made it clear that neither the logo nor the title should be final.

“The name and logo for our upcoming God of War game are not yet final,” a PlayStation message said. “An incorrect logo was mistakenly used in our Investor Relations presentation. We can’t wait to share more and apologize for any confusion.”

At a current investor meeting, Sony presented the latest figures for the PlayStation. There the company listed which first-party titles are currently in development. Including God of War Ragnarok, which was still listed as such with a corresponding logo at the time.

Sony teased the new God of War title in April 2019 with the signature “Ragnarok is coming,” from which many fans inferred that this is the official name of the new title.

However, it seems that the logo wasn’t official at all. Sony used a fan-made logo in its own presentation. When the error was noticed, Sony swapped the logo without further ado. Now a simple God of War logo of the PS4 title is embedded, which was only provided with a color gradient from gray to black.

Director Cory Barlog, who is currently working on God of War for PS5 and who was also responsible for the prequel, posted a suitable meme on Twitter:

Since neither the title nor the logo seems to be fixed, we will have to be patient until we find out the final name of God of War for PS5.

In recent news, it was rumored that the new game of Kratos for PS5 will be delayed to 2022. On the other hand, developers talked about how Atreus might be playable in the new God of War for PS5.