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God of War Ragnarok Is Reportedly “Huge” & Similar to the 2018 Game, Journalist Claims

According to a well-known journalist, the upcoming God of War Ragnarok is very "huge" and similar to the 2018 game.

Renowned journalist Jason Schreier has reaffirmed that God of War Ragnarok is indeed very “huge” and very similar to the 2018 game. He also recalled that the release date of the game would have been revealed on June 30th, but Sony changed its mind at the last minute. Check out all the details below.

God of War Ragnarok Reportedly “Huge”

god of war ragnarok huge and similar to 2018 game

According to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, God of War Ragnarok remains on track for a November release. In a post on ResetEra, Schreier explained that as of this week the plan was for the launch to take place in November, and the team behind its creation is extremely excited.

He also confirms that an announcement regarding the release date and pre-orders was originally planned for June 30, but this was pushed back at the last minute.

The reporter goes on to say that, because Sony knows how to keep its cards under wraps, even Santa Monica Studio employees were not informed of the plan for the announcements. Finally, Schreier reminded us that there is an internal buzz in the industry that the game is very similar to the 2018 title.

Santa Monica studio is responsible for the development of God of War Ragnarok. Some fans of the God of War game, based on unofficial reports, were waiting for the release of a new show the other day, which ultimately did not happen, and they strongly protested the Santa Monica studio on social networks.

Finally, these protests forced Corey Barlog, the director of the 2018 version of God of War, to react and ask fans to be patient after the announcement did not happen.

God of War Ragnarok is currently in development for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The release date of November 11, 2022, is not yet official, but there is a chance that the title will release on the said date.