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God of War: Ragnarok Will Offer 40 Hours of Gameplay, Claims God of War Creator

The latest installement in the series, God of War: Ragnarok, will be much larger than the previous part.

According to David Jaffe, the new God of War: Ragnarok will offer 40 hours of gameplay. The developer has also suggested that fans will not be disappointed with Sony’s PlayStation Showcase 2021 happening next week.

God of War: Ragnarok Will Have 40 Hours of Gameplay

God of War Ragnarok Will Be 40 Hours Long

The creator of the God of War series, David Jaffe, is claiming that the latest installment of the series, called God of War: Ragnarok by fans, will be much larger than the 2018 part of the title.

Even if the developer is no longer employed by Sony, but still he maintains contact with Sony employees. As he says in a video posted on YouTube, he learned from friends that the next adventures of Kratos will offer around 40 hours of gameplay.

“People are speculating that God of War Ragnarok, or whatever they’re going to call it, is going to be there. I’m not saying it is or isn’t… I don’t know anything about that,” Jaffe said on his Youtube video. “What I will tell you though is that I’m hearing… from people in the know, that that game is 40 hours. They are aiming for 40 hours of gameplay.”

Jaffe isn’t sure if the duration of the game is just about completing the main storyline, or completing the game 100%, completing all challenges, and unlocking the platinum trophy.

It took about 20 hours to get to the end credits for 2018’s God of War for PS4, and it took a total of 30 hours to get the complete achievements. This means that God of War: Ragnarok would be almost twice as large.

The information from the designer is unofficial, but it should be noted that a few months ago he accurately predicted that the sequel to the adventures of God of War will not only hit PS5, but also PlayStation 4.

Jaffe also touched on the subject of the upcoming Sony show, ensuring that fans would not be disappointed with the event, but did not reveal details about it. “Just found out about a new PlayStation game they are making-no ideas when it gets unveiled (maybe next week, maybe not) But just know when it does, people are gonna lose their f***ing minds!”