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God of War 2 Director Says He Had ‘No Idea’ What He Was Doing the ‘Entire Time’

God of War 2 recently celebrated its fourteenth anniversary, and its game director, Cory Barlog, admitted to not having an “idea” of what he was doing while he was working for the title of Santa Monica.

Of course in the end this didn’t matter, as the sequel to the first adventure of the Ghost of Sparta quickly became one of the most popular titles in the entire Kratos saga.

Barlog revealed on his Twitter profile stating that “I had absolutely NO IDEA what the hell I was doing pretty much the ENTIRE time. Every day felt like I was thrown on stage opening night to perform a musical that I had never even heard of, much less rehearsed. Fortunately, I was inspired at every turn by a brilliant team.”

The fact that the director did not know what to do with the sequel was probably, in hindsight, a good thing, as God of War 2 turned out to be an extraordinary game, which still remains in the hearts of many players, beyond to have inspired many other titles that came after it.

God of War 2 was one of the last major games for Playstation 2, having been released in March of 2007, coming out in a launch window where PlayStation 3 was taking its first steps in the then next-gen (in fact, the console hadn’t even been released in the UK yet).

God of War 2 was later remastered as part of the God of War Collection for PlayStation 3. Since then, Kratos has come a long way, appearing in other titles and spin-offs, until his last fantastic appearance in the God of War sequel/reboot for PlayStation 4, the critically acclaimed title.