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Ghost of Tsushima Standalone Expansion Ghost of Ikishima Leaked

Sony may soon present the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima. Several informants received details about Ghost of Ikishima, a standalone story that should expand the experience of the title.

Ghost of Tsushima turned out to be a great success, and the creators eagerly expanded the game with PVP mode on PlayStation 5. However, if you believe the latest leaks – Sucker Punch has been working on a completely new story for a long time.

Ghost of Ikishima is rumored to be a standalone expansion that should be revealed by Sony at its next event and developers are planning for a launch in 2021. The information was published by Shpeshal_Nick – the insider confirmed, among other things, Final Fantasy VII Remake that came to PS Plus and revealed Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade.

In addition, the insider is surprised that so many people have received information regarding the game:

It is worth noting that Ikishima is an island in the Tsushima Strait, administered as the city of Iki in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan.

There are many voices according to which Ghost of Ikishima will be a smaller adventure similar to Uncharted: Lost Legacy, Gears 5: Hivebusters, or Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but currently we have to wait for confirmation of the facts.

It is worth recalling that the movie Ghost of Tsushima is also in production.