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How To Get Apotheosis Veil In Destiny 2

Here is how you can get the Apotheosis Veil in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has various Exotic helmets but nothing is quite like the Apotheosis Veil. So it is understandable if you like other players are trying to get your hands on one. It has a very interesting armor perk and this helmet is especially useful for Shadebinder. In case you don’t know then it is a Stasis-based Warlock subclass. But let us not digress, here are the different ways through which you can get it and what its perk does.

How to Unlock & Get the Apotheosis Veil in Destiny 2

How To Get Apotheosis Veil In Destiny 2
Image Credits: Cheese Forever on YouTube

There are two main ways to get the Apotheosis Veil, these include:

  • Using Exotic Engrams
  • As a World Drop

There are different things you can use your Exotic Engrams for, these include things like using them as infusion fuel or just sharding them. One of the other things that you can do is decrypt them for powerful gear. Which in this case would be the Apotheosis Veil.

Now, when it comes to World Drops, that method is equally grindy. While you do have a chance to get it as a drop, it can be extremely rare. So it may not feel as rewarding, since this method is quite tedious and time-consuming. Speaking of grinding and luck, another thing that you can try is to grind legend lost sectors on helmet day. This too has a chance to drop Apotheosis Veil. Do remember it is almost on the same level of rarity as the World Drops.

Why You Should Get Apotheosis Veil?

This is one of the stronger helmets in the game right now as it gets the Insatiable perk. What this does is, when you activate your super it immediately restores your health, grenade, melee, and Rift energy. Additionally, when your Super ends, it gives you increased melee and grenade regen for a limited time.

That is all on how you can obtain the Apotheosis Veil in Destiny 2 and why you should get it based on its armor perk. If you like playing Destiny 2 or other games then you should head over to our Gaming section. As for more things tech and hardware don’t forget to check out TechnClub!