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Gears of War Creator Is Working on a Brand-New IP

As Cliff Bleszinski announced, he will return to the world of video games after leaving his own development studio, Boss Key Productions. The creative mind behind games like the Gears of War series is currently working on a brand new IP.

Accordingly, he is currently working on an unspecified new IP, for which he has been able to secure prominent support according to his own statements. Among them are the authors Alex de Campi and the artist Sandy Jarrell, who is known for his comics.

Unfortunately, Cliffy B did not reveal when the official unveiling and tangible details of the new IP can be expected. So it is also unclear in which genre this will be located. Due to Bleszinski’s past, we can probably assume another shooter.

Cliff Bleszinski celebrated his most successful time at Epic Games, where he worked on games such as the Unreal series in the 1990s, before he collaborated with Canadian producer Rod Fergusson on the successful third-person shooter series Gears of War which is now owned by Microsoft. Bleszinski was also involved in the development of Shadow Complex (2009) and Bulletstorm (2011).

In 2012, Bleszinski decided to take a creative break. With the founding of the development studio Boss Key Productions in 2014, Cliffy B returned to the international stage and published two more titles with Lawbreakers (2017) and Radical Heights (2018).

Despite positive feedback from critics and gamers, both titles fell short of commercial expectations. Economic flops that led to the closure of Boss Key Productions in 2018.