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GameCube Coming to Switch Online? Nintendo Answers

After the Nintendo 64, will we ever see Nintendo GameCube video games on Switch Online? The Kyoto house seems to have other plans.

Nintendo GameCube probably still has one of the most popular video game catalogs for fans of the Big N today, as titles for the hybrid console often tend to be at the center of the wishes of fans, so should an update arrive for the free Switch Online catalogs. Check out all the information below.

Nintendo GameCube Coming to Switch Online?

GameCube Coming to Switch Online, Nintendo Answers

During the usual 83rd Annual General Meeting, there was time for some questions relating to Nintendo Switch Online and the possible addition of other consoles, with specific reference to the GameCube.

President Shuntaro Furukawa did not want to answer the question directly but only wanted to remind us that Pikmin 1+2 was released on Switch just a few days ago — in physical and digital editions. The President only said that Nintendo “currently have no specifics to share”, when asked about “other platforms” like GameCube.

A statement that would suggest that the Kyoto house intends to simply continue this path for the next games and that, at least for the moment, there is no room to welcome the Nintendo GameCube in the free games catalog.

A real pity for the enthusiasts who hoped otherwise, but the decision was basically quite predictable. All that remains is to cross our fingers and hope that all the most important titles can soon be made available again, in one way or another.

In other news, among the hidden gems for the Nintendo Switch console to be released this year, we also point out the return of two great JRPGs, developed by the authors of Xenoblade almost 20 years after their launch, namely Baten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster.

At the moment, not even the official release date has been disclosed, but we know that the launch is scheduled for summer 2023. It will therefore be necessary to wait a few months to be able to return to discover these great adventure titles.