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Fortnite x God of War: Kratos Skin Coming To Battle Royal Shooter

In the past few months, the successful Battle Royal shooter Fortnite has always been in for surprises. This was also the case this week, in which it was leaked that with Kratos none other than the protagonist of God of War is making an appearance in the form of an exclusive skin in Fortnite.

This week the successful battle royal shooter Fortnite from Epic Games started its next season. As has already been confirmed in the official announcement, players can look forward to various new content and small playful innovations.

For example, characters or skins based on the Star Wars series The Mandalorian were announced. It will not stop there, however. Instead, PlayStation fans can look forward to seeing an old friend again.

We’re talking about Kratos, the protagonist of the God of War series, who will find his way into Fortnite in the form of a skin. After the appearance of Kratos was initially hinted at in a tweet published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a product description that was released too early in the PlayStation Store finally ensured clarity.

In the meantime, it was taken offline again, but as usual, the internet was faster and could save the whole thing in the form of screenshots. Since the official announcement is still a long time coming, it remains to be seen when Kratos will ultimately be involved in Fortnite.

There is also the question of whether we are dealing with a PlayStation-exclusive character or whether Kratos will also be available on other platforms. Due to the leak, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Epic Games should officially announce the skin shortly.