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Fortnite: Neymar Jr Skin Release Date Confirmed

Today, the developers of Epic Games Store has officially revealed the release date of Neymar Jr within Fortnite, a well-known title of the company that continues to receive many crossovers.

We are talking specifically of April 27, 2021, the date on which the player will officially enter the game universe, as it emerged just last month due to a leak.

Currently, we don’t have many details regarding Neymar Jr’s skin in Fortnite, which may only be unlockable through certain challenges, or will appear in the in-game store.

We look forward to discovering further details from the software house, which will certainly be able to provide us with more precise information in view of the debut of this new content.

Below, we attach the Tweet containing the first presentation video that brings forth the arrival of Neymar Jr in Fortnite, uploaded to the official channel of the title.

Just in the last period, the title continues to receive a lot of interesting content regarding the skins inserted by Epic Games, which provide one more reason to stay glued in front of the screen one game after another in the Battle Royale.

The debut of the well-known Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist, which with a skin has invaded the game lands to make the users of the former PlayStation exclusive happy, is also available in Fortnite.