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Fortnite First-Person Mode Will Be Available in Season Two, Leak Claims

According to a leak by reliable Fortnite insider, it seems that the Chapter 4 Season 2 of the game will include First-Person mode finally.

Fortnite is one of the most popular survival shooter games out there, thanks in part to the amount of time developer Epic Games has put in to keep the game fresh and interesting. Part of that is the addition of new mechanics that change the nature of the game, such as last year’s popular Zero Build. Epic will do it again this year, with new leaks claiming that the rumored first-person mode is coming soon to Fortnite. Check out the complete details below.

Fortnite First-Person Mode Coming Soon in Season Two

Fortnite First-Person Mode Will Be Available in Season Two, Leak Claims

The first season of Fortnite Chapter 4 is coming to an end, and thanks to numerous leaks, fans already know what to expect next: the official introduction of the first-person mode, which has been rumored since June 2022.

This was told immediately by two insiders working with Fortnite, HYPEX and ShiinaBR. This comes after months of leaks about the potential of this mechanic around the same time as new media leaks, so the release date coincides with what was previously found in the game’s data.

Both leakers claim this leak came from the same source, who detailed many other leaks from last week or so, including news about an Attack on Titan and Resident Evil collaboration that has been revealed and appeared in recent days.

HYPEX noted that the first-person view mode will be completely optional, and it will be possible to turn it on during matches “by pressing one button.” Players suggest that the most convenient way to use this option will be in Zero Build mode, where you do not need to build anything.

If true, this could be widely talked about as a feature added to the game more than 5 years after it was released. In fact, this will add a whole new way to experience Fortnite, and many players will likely come to the game to try the feature for the first time.

In addition to the first-person mode, insiders also talked about upcoming collaborations with Attack on Titan and the Resident Evil series. Players will be able to get different skins inspired by their respective series, and this will happen already in the second season.