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Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error: How To Fix

Are you getting Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error while playing open beta? Do not worry, as here is a fix for you.

There are many users who are reporting Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error, but the developer already knows about this issue and they are trying to fix this as soon as possible. Check the temporary solutions to fix this issue below.

How To Fix Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error?

Fix Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error

Battlefield 2042 Open Beta is already available to those who have pre-ordered the game or are subscribers to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The first tests are generally going well, although some users have reported access problems with Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error messages. However, the developer DICE has already provided the first answers in this regard.

Adam Freeman, the Lead Community Manager at DICE, has recently explained that the “Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error” messages are closely related to an issue with the Battlefield 2042 servers: “For players presently playing on Early Access, we’re aware that some of you are presently unable to join a server. We are scaling up more and more throughout the morning to help meet the demand, and we’ll get you all on the Battlefield as soon as possible.”

At the moment, there is no official solution for Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error right now, but Freeman has said that the development team “are still scaling more servers to help meet the demand.” Hopefully, this error will get resolved in the next few hours.

As for the QR code error, which would signal the impossibility of accessing the beta due to the lack of the right privileges, the developer makes it known that he is investigating the anomaly and there will soon be new updates to fix this issue.

How to Resolve Battlefield 2042 Unknown Error Temporarily

As a temporary solution, you can try to turn off the Crossplay feature to fix the Battlefield 2042 unknown error at the moment. Many users have reported that by turning off Crossplay, they were able to enter the Battlefield 2042 beta after a couple of tries.

That is all you need to know to fix Battlefield 2042 unknown error. Recall that Battlefield 2042 open beta will be available to download for free for everyone else starting Thursday, October 8th. The full game will release on November 19 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.