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Baldur’s Gate 3: Finish The Masterwork Weapon Guide

Here is the walkthrough for the Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest in BG3.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, if you prefer using a dagger, greatsword, or sickle then you are in luck. There is a quest known as Finish the Masterwork Weapon which lets you upgrade & make one of them stronger. While it is an optional quest doing it can be pretty rewarding, not just for getting a better weapon but also for exploring the area where this quest revolves around. However, it isn’t recommended to randomly go about looking for its blueprints or other quest components as you may get lost or it may take you a while to get done. So here is a quick walkthrough to help you out.

How to Finish the Masterwork Weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Start by going to the Blighted Village at the rough coordinates X: 32 and Y: 43. Here you should find the Highcliff’s Journal near the fireplace inside the Blacksmith’s house.
  2. Next, read the journal to learn about the blueprints required for the masterwork weapon.
  3. Explore the area and go to the next room with the web covering the floor. Burn it using spells or torches and go down.

    Baldurs Gate 3 Finish The Masterwork Weapon Wooden Chest Location
    Image Credits: WoW Quests on YouTube
  4. After reaching down you can find a wooden chest on the left. Don’t open it directly rather disarm it first. Inside you can find the Highcliff’s Blueprints, collect and read them.

    Highcliff’s Blueprints Location
    Image Credits: WoW Quests on YouTube
  5. The next step is to go to the Underdark for the Sussur Tree.
  6. Go to these coordinates X: -15, and Y: -140 by climbing the Knotted Roots to get the Sussur Tree Bark.

    Sussur Tree Bark Location
    Image Credits: WoW Quests on YouTube
  7. Now, since you have all the necessary resources to complete the quest, go back to the Blacksmith’s House.
  8. Go to the furnace and start by clicking on it.
  9. Next, click on the Bellows to burn the flames more.
  10. Use the Sussur tree bark on the furnace. You should now see blue flames.

    Use The Furnace To Finish The Masterwork Weapon In BG3
    Image Credits: WoW Quests on YouTube
  11. Lastly, drop the weapon that you want to upgrade, the ones you can use are:
    • Dagger
    • Sickle
    • Greatsword
  12. Wait for the cutscene to end or skip it and you will complete the quest.

    How To Finish The Masterwork Weapon Quest In BG3
    Image Credits: WoW Quests on YouTube

That’s it for this quick guide on how to Finish the Masterwork Weapon in BG3. While you are here I suggest you check out our Gaming section for more help with other games.