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Final Fantasy XVI Won’t Be Open World, Will Be Inspired by FFX and FFXII

If Final Fantasy XVI isn't a full-fledged open world game, it's still going to be a massive and huge game to explore no matter what.

Final Fantasy XVI is an expected production to say the least, and every possible detail that emerges becomes a source of hype for the players. The PlayStation 5 exclusive title is undoubtedly one of the most important releases of the year and the information in recent weeks is following one another. Recently, it was confirmed that Final Fantasy XVI will not be open world and all the information regarding it can be found below.

Final Fantasy XVI Won’t Be Open World

Final Fantasy XVI Won't Be Open World

Final Fantasy XVI has an increasingly close relationship with PS5, so much so that, apparently, the Sony console also owes its existence. The first truly next-gen title of the franchise, on which Square Enix places many expectations to show the potential of its fantasy.

Among the things that Final Fantasy XVI will have to do, there is necessarily the possibility of exploring a fantasy world, which won’t be purely open world, in any case, according to reports in the PLAY Magazine’s cover story for the game.

Protagonist Clive Rosfield will be able to explore different regions with unique main and side missions, as seen in the latest presentations. A dynamic world that has recently been explored in a special study by PLAY Magazine.

One Reddit user shared a particular detail about building the game world. Naoki Yoshida, the producer of the title, used the structures of the maps of the tenth and twelfth chapters of Final Fantasy as a term of comparison: “You have the areas that you can travel to, and you select that area and then jump to it seamlessly. And then you follow the main quest there, and then, once you finish that, you’ll go back to this hub area […] called The Hideaway.”

This central structure has already been spotted in some of the trailers in recent months. We already know that there will side tasks to accomplish, as well as a blacksmith and other vendors you can interact with.

Yoshida elaborates on the functionality of this hub and the explorable maps: “Each place you unlock then becomes available to visit at any time. And so if you decide, ‘Okay, I want to try something else. I’m done with the main scenario for now.’ You can go back to places that you visited before and explore them. And in some of those places, there’ll be new side quests that you can start.”

This is combined with a really not bad longevity, already made known, which leads Final Fantasy XVI to be a 35-40 hour title if played at speed, and it can go up to over 70 hours of playtime in case you want to do extreme completionism.

Remember that Final Fantasy 16 will release on June 22 for PS5.