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Final Fantasy XVI will Reportedly Release on PC

The producer of Final Fantasy XVI Naoki Yoshida had said that they are intending to take the time to work on the PC version of the game.

Final Fantasy XVI is fast approaching its release and obviously, we return to talk about the PC version, with new clues from the developer. We know that the sixteenth chapter of the final fantasy will be exclusive to PS5, complete with a special edition, but it seems otherwise. Check out the complete information below.

Final Fantasy XVI Will Also Release on PC

Final Fantasy XVI Will Also Release on PC

The speculation of Final Fantasy XVI on PC emerged shortly after the announcement of the title on PS5, given that some advertisements for the title had misled everyone. A version on which there is some confusion, especially after the latest statements from the developers, that things are not exactly clear.

Now, as the final fantasy insider Genki also reported on social media, it seems that the producer of Final Fantasy XVI Naoki Yoshida has stated that they plan to take the time to work on developing the PC version of the game after it releases on PS5.

Yoshida, during an interview with the Japanese website Weekly ASCII, stated that the priority of the development team is to make sure that the launch on PS5 goes well, and then eventually think about other plans for the PC edition.

So, after publishing the game on the Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, Square Enix could really start working on the computer version of Final Fantasy XVI right away, although at the moment it is still not official.

In any case, we doubt that Yoshida’s words have been translated incorrectly, although the eventuality still remains to be taken into consideration.

Finally, it was also reported that very soon it will also be time to try a free playable demo of Final Fantasy XVI, which will reportedly focus on the protagonist’s early life, though no further details are available yet. The only information is that the Final Fantasy XVI demo will arrive before launch and will focus on Clive’s adolescence.