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Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ Features Extra Hard “Final Fantasy Mode”

Just days before the release of Final Fantasy XVI, the development team unveils content related to the end game related to the New Game+ mode and beyond.

Final Fantasy XVI is releasing soon and, among the doubts of all players, there is one that has been disbanded recently: there will be a New Game+ with extra hard “Final Fantasy Mode”. Check out the complete information related to this new mode in the title below.

Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ Will Have Extra Hard “Final Fantasy Mode”

Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ Will Have Extra Hard Final Fantasy Mode

Next week the sixteenth chapter of final fantasy, called Final Fantasy XVI, will absolutely launch. A week that players have already anticipated with the demo of the title what’s going to come, and testing out every detail as well as finding their favorite thing.

Not to mention the inevitable day-one break of the title, for which Square Enix has also taken the field by taking action with those who will share Final Fantasy XVI content in advance. But it’s always Square Enix to reveals some information related to the title, and this time it is related precisely to what happens once players complete the game.

The publisher held a special stream ahead of the launch, revealing a few things. Among these is the New Game+ mode called “Final Fantasy Mode”, which increases the difficulty, and more.

In Final Fantasy mode, the enemies are much more stronger, but it will be possible to reach up to level 100 of the character, it will also be possible to create the Ultima Weapon to have a greater attack force.

In this mode, you don’t start from scratch, because the character’s possessions, skills, and level progression are carried over from the previous game, as in any classic New Game+ mode. With its more action-oriented attitude than the other episodes of the saga, Final Fantasy XVI will probably also satisfy lovers of challenging fights.

Remember that Final Fantasy 16 will release on PlayStation 5 in this upcoming week on June 22.