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Final Fantasy X Remake Reportedly In Development, Launching in 2026

An insider said that the developers of Square are also working on Final Fantasy X Remake, although the release is not close but scheduled to 2026.

These are really busy weeks for Final Fantasy fans, so much so that the first rumors about a new remake have now emerged. After the success achieved by the revival of the seventh chapter of Final Fantasy, it seems that Square Enix has no intention of stopping, as an insider has not hinted that a Final Fantasy X Remake is in development, which will release in 2026. Check out all the details below.

Final Fantasy X Remake In Development, Launching in 2026

Final Fantasy X Remake Reportedly In Development

According to an insider, ‘I am a hero too’ on ResetEra, a real Final Fantasy X Remake would also be in development at Square Enix. It was said that the developers are also remaking the chapter number ten.

The intention would be to release it in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy, i.e. in 2026, and not an exit around the corner, then. However, both the FFX remake and the FFIX remake have not yet been officially confirmed by Square Enix.

Surely, the return of Tidus and Yuna (the famous characters in the title) would be greatly appreciated, since Final Fantasy X certainly has a special place in the hearts of fans, much more than its direct sequel – namely Final Fantasy X-2 – to tell the truth (heavily criticized for having lost much of the magic of the original chapter). We will of course keep you updated as soon as we know more.

Still talking about timeless classics, just a few days ago some new clues about the possible arrival of a remastered Final Fantasy Tactics emerged, and it is one of the much-loved cult titles for fans as well.

However, if there is a game that is reality it is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, so much so that after the last video shown at the Summer Game Fest a fan took the trouble to compare it with the 1997 original, check out the comparison video below.