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Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 New Details Revealed on its Development

Today, on Saturday 30 January, the exciting virtual event CEDEC + Kyushu 2020 Online was held, which saw the participation of the much loved and acclaimed video game house Square Enix. In particular, the Producer and the Co-Game Director, respectively Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi were present: the two wanted to spend a few words about the undisputed masterpiece Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The long interview that took place during the live broadcast and granted by the latter was translated by the community, especially the Twitter user “Audrey” with which he shared related details.

The words spent, however, were not limited to the chapter already released, but it was emphasized how the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 is proceeding very well, specifying that the surrender of the game world and the direction they have decided to take for the latter will be the same.

The team’s intention is to show the public a Midgar that is faithful to the original, capable at the same time of giving new sensations. As for the plot, very little has been said and in an approximate way, but in any case, it has been repeated how much is their will to bring a surprising and innovative experience, but still satisfying the expectations of the public.

Finally, Hamaguchi wanted to point out how the staff members of the project have changed compared to previous years, and not a little. At last year’s Final Fantasy Remake 7, in fact, many behind the scenes were fans of the original game, while now there have been multiple “new entries” that have seen the participation of people who liked the remake: just for this, we can afford to expect something different, especially in regards to the combat system.