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Final Fantasy Origin PS5 Exclusive Game First Details Leaked

Square Enix and Team Ninja are producing Final Fantasy Origin that will release exclusively on PlayStation 5, and later on PC.

Final Fantasy Origin PS5 Exclusive Title Leaked

Leaks before E3 2021 are starting to gain momentum. Over the weekend, we had a rumor of a new Final Fantasy that Square Enix would release for PS5. Now, possible new information has been released (or leaked).

The rumor claims that Square Enix is ​​working with Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo’s internal development team behind games like Ninja Gaiden and Nioh, for the new game called Final Fantasy Origin. Incidentally, recently, the two companies worked together with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

According to reports, the new title will be another take on Soulslike. Now the development is still at an early stage, but a special alpha will be released in the summer – so the team wants to collect more feedback that will help in the formation of the project.

The rumors go further, giving the game an action RPG genre, somewhat similar to the Nioh or Soulslike games, and suggesting that the story follows in parallel or directly to the world of the first NES Final Fantasy.

The project, which appears to be exclusive to the PlayStation 5 with a PC release later, will be one of Square Enix’s top announcements at E3 2021. For some reason, various parts of the June E3 2021 show were leaked, including the logo of Final Fantasy Origin and plans for a demo.