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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC Port Evidence Increases More

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for pc is soon going to be revealed, according to some evidence collected below.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was part of a leaked list of future releases from the Epic Games Store. Virtually all titles have been confirmed.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PC coming soon?

It seems more likely that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will launch for PC after a list of upcoming titles on the Epic Game Store has confirmed its arrival.

During the month of summer this year, two games were discovered in the Epic Games Store database by the EpicData site tracker, namely Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Alan Wake Remastered. Yesterday, a leak confirmed the premiere of Alan Wake Remastered, which suggests that there is some credibility to the database leak and Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PC.

If confirmed, these are excellent news for PC gamers, as we remember, none of the games were announced for the platform. The case of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is more sensitive, remember that the exclusivity of the console version has already ended, but the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade edition has just hit the market with exclusivity of “at least 6 months” on PS5.

The announcement is likely to depend on what version of the game is on the table for the PC, as well as the exact details of the exclusivity agreement.

In a special Japanese live stream of Final Fantasy 14, Naoki Yoshida stated the following (translated by Aitai Kimochi https://twitter.com/aitaikimochi):

“We really want to show something for Tokyo Game Show 2021, but we probably can’t make that deadline… we definitely want to show it, but isn’t it better if when we do, you’re able to play it right after? I personally don’t like it when small bits of info is release to string people along. I talked about this with the team and director Takai-san. We want to reveal something where people will say, ‘I want to play it now! Release it now!’ And we can reply, ‘sure, here you go!’

“I know as a company they want us to show it at TGS at the very least.”

Recall that Tokyo Game Show 2021 will be streamed at 7 pm JST on October 1.