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Far Cry 7 Setting and a Standalone Far Cry Multiplayer Game Details Leaked

A recently leaked information points to new details about Far Cry 7 and a standalone Far Cry multiplayer game in development.

After the last Far Cry 6, which was released in 2021, the series has been in silence for a while. However, new information that has leaked now shows that Ubisoft is already working on Far Cry 7 and a standalone version of Far Cry multiplayer. Check out the complete details below.

Far Cry 7 and a Standalone Far Cry Multiplayer Game Leaked

Far Cry 7 and Standalone Far Cry Multiplayer Leaked

According to reports, Far Cry 7, codenamed Project Blackbird, and a Far Cry multiplayer project codenamed Project Maverick are currently in development.

Interestingly, these projects are said to have originally been launched as a single game by longtime Far Cry producer Dan Hay, but split up with Hay’s transition to Blizzard. It is also reported that Ubisoft Montreal has intense participation in both projects.

With Far Cry 7, some important changes will come. Among them, permanent death and the backpack system draw attention. It is also claimed that the game will take place in the wilderness of Alaska. We can say that Alaska rumors actually date back to 2015. However, it is said that there will be a change in the game engine. It is rumored that Far Cry’s existing Dunia game engine will be replaced by The Division 2 and Snowdrop, which is used in Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world Star Wars game.

The insiders also have something to tell about the multiplayer project. It is noted that Project Maverick is an action game with loot, which takes place in Alaska. The game has contracts, loot chests, extraction zones, and more. It is worth noting that, according to insiders, developers have changed the concept of the Project Maverick project several times in recent years.

For now, there is not much information about the story of the game and the new elements it will offer, because there is actually a long time before the game will release. Although the Alaskan environment and open world look good on paper, sources state that Far Cry 7 and its multiplayer version will be released in the second half of 2025.