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Far Cry 6 Game Of The Year Edition Leaked

Far Cry 6 will get Game Of The Year Edition with a new expansion and all current DLCs, according to a leak.

It seems that Ubisoft is preparing to present a full version of Far Cry 6, as the title’s “Game Of The Year” edition has been leaked in these recent hours. The new edition will include all the additional content along with the game, which will also include a new expansion and more extras. Check out the complete details below.

Far Cry 6 Game Of The Year Edition Leaks Out

Far Cry 6 is reportedly going to get a new “Game of the Year” edition in 2022, even if the title has released in 2021 and not winning any Game of the Year awards either. However, it’s still getting a new expansion, which may be worth the rebranding.

The leak comes from the famous Microsoft and Xbox leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia, dedicated to searching the servers of the Xbox store to discover new entries, and who has also provided us with a marketing image of the edition from the database.

As for the edition itself, Far Cry 6 “Game of the Year Upgrade Pass” comes with a Season Pass of three DLC missions where you play as former Far Cry villains like Joseph Seed, Vaas Montenegro, and Pagan Min. It will also include the Ultimate Pack of in-game gear, including The Jungle Expedition Pack, The Vice Pack, and Croc Hunter Pack – all available for purchase as microtransactions. In addition, there will be a new expansion that has not yet been discovered.

In any case, given that this version has not yet been officially announced, we do not know what to expect from this leaked edition.

Recall that Far Cry 6 was released in the previous year and the title received a decent positive reception from reviews and critics, even though it was not nominated for the highest-rated game of the year. The title also received several story-based missions as free content releases, one such based on the Stranger Things-themed “The Vanishing” mission in March.