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Fallout New Vegas 2 Leaked by Steam Update

A new internal Fallout 4 update has hidden references to Fallout New Vegas 2, does this mean that the sequel is on the way?

Bethesda has surprisingly launched a new clue for the possible arrival of Fallout New Vegas 2, thanks to a mysterious internal update on Steam that arrived in the fourth chapter (Fallout 4) of the saga. Check out the complete information below.

Fallout New Vegas 2 Leaked

Fallout New Vegas 2 Leaked

The internal build of Fallout 4 has in fact been updated by surprise on Steam, inserting a new branch that seems to suggest the imminent arrival of news related to the beloved chapter developed by Obsidian, we are talking about Fallout New Vegas 2 here.

As promptly reported by SteamDB, the latest Fallout 4 update, which arrived on April 4th, surprisingly added a branch entitled “newvegas2”, only to have it suddenly removed just a few hours ago.

In any case, we do not know for sure if it was a “delayed April Fool’s joke” or if this information was actually leaked by mistake, but the leak has inevitably sparked the curiosity of fans, who are now wondering if the time has really come to see Fallout New Vegas 2 in action.

If it’s not really a reference to a potential sequel of the game, the other more likely speculation is that the whole thing was related to the previously announced Fallout 4 next-gen update, which at this point could include quite a few elements straight from New Vegas.

Considering that it was in any case an internal update and that no other information was available except a name, which was removed after a short while, among other things, we can only invite you to take the news as usual with a grain of salt.

Should any official announcements arrive regarding a possible New Vegas 2, or maybe even just a remastered edition, of course, we will keep you immediately updated on our website TechNClub.com with all the news.

According to some early rumors, Microsoft would still be very interested in carrying on the saga: the Redmond house could in fact choose to entrust Obsidian with the task of creating Fallout New Vegas 2.