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Epic Games Store: NBA 2K21 for Free Available Now

Ever since the latest free game from the Epic Games Store was unveiled, we are talking about The Lion’s Song, a mysterious countdown has led us to anxiously wait for the new free title for all PC users to arrive today, May 20, and that was finally unveiled and turned out to be NBA 2k21.

It was already in the air that the new title would be a rather important production, given the mysterious countdown that kept us on our toes for a whole week. There is obviously no rush because even in this case you can redeem in your libraries the title of NBA 2k21 for a whole week, until next Thursday.

We remind you that starting today The Lion’s Song can no longer be obtained for free on the store, but the platform has not revealed to us what the new production will be obtainable for free for PC users, as a new countdown has arrived.

Here’s how to redeem the new free Epic Games Store game?

Like every week, accessing the store’s new free offer is quite simple, and the new mystery surprise is no exception. In order to get the product and redeem it in your library, it will be enough to go to this link and redeem the free game of the Epic Games Store to ensure that it is permanently accessible.

Obviously, you must first log in with your account, and we remind you that for this procedure it is also possible to use the software of the Epic Games Store itself, which is essential to start the games obtainable every week, as well as all the titles purchased on the platform.