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Epic Games Store: Ironcast and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Available for Free Now

More Epic Games Store gifts are coming. Two games will soon be available for free till July 15.

Epic Games Store free game from July 8 to 15

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead and Ironcast are the two new free games available on the Epic Games Store from 8 to 15 July 2021. Also for this week, it will be possible to redeem two very different games for free. As always, the free games will be only available for the Windows PC system.

Let’s start with Ironcast, which is a mixture of strategy and RPG, with gameplay based on combat between robots in steampunk style. The whole setting incorporates the style of the Victorian age and is inspired by the novels of HG Wells and Jules Verne. You’ll have to be good at building your perfect war machine and lining up the nodes on the combat screen, which requires considerable strategic ingenuity.

Even Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is a game based on ingenuity, in this case for the construction of bridges and other structures. The purpose is twofold: on the one hand to make our fellow adventurers cross the scenario safely and effectively, on the other to eliminate the zombies that chase us.

Here is the link to download Ironcast and Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead for free from the Epic Games Store. The free download will be activated starting today and will last for one week. Once redeemed, each game will be available forever in your library, even after the promotion ends.

To install it on your PC, simply download the official Epic Games launcher from this address, enter your library and press the appropriate button.