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Epic Games Store Free December 2020 Games List Leaked

The free games of the Epic Games Store have achieved great popularity on the web, and more or less credible leaks are spreading like wildfire about those that will arrive in the next few days.

As you know, the store will provide one free game per day until the conclusion of December 2020. An initiative that had already been carried out last year and which, moreover, continues throughout the video game season with several pieces given at no cost every week.

We are always rather reluctant to spread leaks that anticipate the lineup of free games coming soon since there are so many fakes around, but apparently, there is a list that we can start to trust.

As reported by a Twitter user “jovanmunja“, in fact, this list was confirmed in the first four days of availability of the Epic Games Store initiative, with as many games that proved true before the list became public.

The list in its entirety, up to 31 December, is as follows:

  • Cities: Skylines – December 17th
  • Oddworld: New n Tasty – December 18th
  • The Long Dark – December 19th
  • Defense Grid 1 – December 20
  • Alien Isolation – December 21st
  • Metro 2033 (Original or Redux) – December 22nd
  • Tropico 5 – 23 December
  • Inside – December 24th
  • Darkest Dungeon – December 25th
  • My Time in Portia – December 26th
  • Night in the Woods – December 27th
  • Stranded Deep – December 28th
  • Solitairica – December 29th
  • Torchlight II – December 30th
  • Jurassic World Evolution – December 31st

This list has not only been confirmed but also contains games whose inclusion in such an initiative seems very credible, unlike other lineups that we have seen running on the net with seriously unrealistic tones.

We will see already this afternoon, if this news is confirmed, in any case: if it were so, it would be up to Alien Isolation, the first-person horror by Creative Assembly, coming free to PC.