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Epic Games’ MetaHuman Creator Will Help Developers To Create ‘Lifelike Digital Humans’

With the MetaHuman Creator, Epic Games has announced a new tool that developers can use to create highly detailed images of people. The videos at the bottom show how realistic the result can be.

Video games are becoming more and more realistic. But the faces of many characters still seem quite wooden and unnatural. With the MetaHuman Creator, Epic Games would like to provide improvements. And the results visible in the videos included below promise a new level of reality.

“Bringing compelling real-time digital humans to life is incredibly challenging and time-consuming. It can take months of research, costly scanning equipment, and an army of tech artists. What if we could make the process radically simpler, faster, and more scalable—without compromising on quality?” says the company on its official website.

Epic Games is excited to offer a first look at the MetaHuman Creator. It is a new tool “that will empower anyone to create a bespoke photorealistic digital human, fully rigged and complete with hair and clothing, in a matter of minutes.”

According to the manufacturer, the MetaHuman Creator sets new standards, both for the credibility of digital people and for the simplicity of their creation. Facial features can be manipulated directly, the skin color can be adjusted and features can be selected from preset body types, hairstyles, clothing and more. According to Epic Games, even a character’s teeth can be edited.

“Imagine game characters that will blow your players’ minds, digital doubles on the latest virtual production set that will stand up to close-up shots, virtual participants in immersive training scenarios you can’t tell from the real thing: the possibilities for creators are limitless,” it says directed by the developers.

MetaHuman Creator is a cloud app that cuts digital human creation to less than an hour, according to Epic Games. The company promises an “unprecedented standard of quality, fidelity, and realism.” Once the character is ready, it can be exported and downloaded before it is used in the Unreal Engine.