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Elden Ring New Artworks Revealed by Artist

At the end of the week, fresh artworks for FromSoftware’s new project Elden Ring was put into circulation. These come from the first trailer that was presented as part of the official unveiling of Elden Ring.

Even if it is still unclear when Elden Ring, the new work by the Dark Souls makers from FromSoftware, will ultimately be released, it has recently become clear that it will probably be so far this year.

To sweeten the waiting time until further details are revealed, a batch of fresh artworks for Elden Ring was put into circulation at the end of the week. These are available for viewing in the tweet below and it comes from the first trailer for the fantasy role-playing game that was presented at E3 2019 as part of the official announcement of Elden Ring.

Too many details about Elden Ring have not yet been given. It is also still in the stars when the revelation of further impressions or even the final release date can be expected.

However, we recently received unconfirmed reports that said that Elden Ring would be more oriented towards the DNA of Dark Souls after FromSoftware had broken new ground with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

In addition, several industry insiders wanted to know that the title is rapidly approaching its completion and could in principle appear earlier than many expected. However, these statements have not yet been officially confirmed.